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High Resolution File Formats for Full Chart and Blank Versions of News Quality Chart

A few people have asked me to post links to various file formats of this chart for their own use. Feel free to download and use them. There is a Creative Commons license on them which requests attribution and non-commercial use. They contain minor updates from recent versions. Most notably, The Economist has been moved to the left. I agree with commentators who pointed out that was an erroneous initial placement. Also, I changed the snarky designation “Basic AF” to “Basic” so that the chart’s use would be more appropriate in middle school and/or high school settings.  (Note: the abbreviation “AF” stands for “as fuck,” which is text/internet slang for “very,” or “quite.” Sorry for any classroom snickers this may have caused for unsuspecting teachers.)


News Quality.Blank.V2

News Quality.V5