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Observations on The Chart by Law Professor Maxwell Stearns of U. Maryland

Law professor Maxwell Stearns, who blogs about law, politics, and culture, recently published this post about the chart, which has several useful insights about 1) distilling the ranking criteria into sub-categories, 2) why the sources on the chart form a bell curve, 3) how the rankings might be made more scientifically. Give it a read!

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Charmaine Keller

Where are his comments?

Kelly Rae

Cannot find Prof. Maxwell Stearns “Observations on The Chart” either.

Ed Paulsen
I originally loved your work in creating “The Chart” V1.0 and enjoyed your analysis methods as well. It pleases me that additional refinements have been made over time and that there is now some “peer review” that also correlates and confirms your work overall. From what I have seen and read, we have a rather similar viewpoint and most (if not all) of your placement was pretty concurrent with mine, especially in the latest iteration. I love that you quantified and qualified the vague “feelings” or intuitions that I had been having some difficulties expressing and defining. Thank you, from… Read more »

Will you incorporate Pr Stearns’s suggestions?

Joy Harris

Hi! I am interested in using your source for an upcoming performance piece. Would love to connect if you have time.